PLATOV Airport

Airpot Hotel

Airport Hotel isálocated ináclose proximity toáRostov-on-Don International Airport, onátheáforecourt. Itáisáaá5-minute walk from theáairport andá30áminute drive from theácity center.

In 2013, the hotel underwent a major renovation and the rooms from the dormitory to deluxe acquired a modern and comfortable look. The hotel is open 24 hours a day.

The hotel accepts both cash and non-cash payments.

Accepted cards VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card, Maestro.

Legal entities shall enter into contracts for the provision of the hotel services.

Check-in of foreign citizens:

All foreign guests of the hotel are registered in the territorial office ofáthe Federal Migration Service under the law Concerning the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.

Airport Hotel Booking

For information on booking, room rates, hotel services contact + 7 (863) 276-78-45, +7 (863) 276-78-05 (24-hours a day).

For booking, please, contact tel./fax: +7 (863) 276-78-94 anyádayáexcept Saturday andáSunday. Booking isáfree ofácharge.

Hourly rates (at least three hours). Booking for hourly service is not available.

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