PLATOV Airport

Business Lounge

The Business Lounge islocated onthefirst floor ofthedomestic sector totheright oftheentrance. Open 24hours aday. Entrance totheBusiness Lounge ismarked byanappropriate sign.

Passengers of the Business Lounge check-in at a dedicated desk, and go through security check in a special area. This allows to avoid queues and make the departure procedures as comfortable as possible. Cozy business lounge is painted in warm chocolate and cream colors, which are considered peaceful and able to relieve tension.

The Business Lounge has a café, where passengers will be offered a choice of dishes from the menu and drinks from the wine and tea cards. Whether it's a light snack or main dish, a glass of wine or flavored coffee - you will be satisfied with the service and prices.

At the service of passengers and people seeing off different means of communication and free Wi-Fi, in addition the lounge is equipped with a sufficient number of outlets for charging modern gadgets. For your convenience Rostov-on-Don Airport can provide individual transfer in an executive car to and from the airplane as an extra service.

Business Lounge services passengers of the following categories:

  • business-class passengers oftheairlines that have entered into aBusiness Lounge Service Contract with Rostov-on-Don Airport PSC;
  • bonus card holders oftheairlines that have entered into anappropriate Contract;
  • passengers wishing tomake useoftheBusiness Lounge services forprompt cash according totheexisting rates ofRostov-on-Don Airport.

Payment for the Business Lounge services could be effected by cashless transfer and in cash according to the approved rates.

For more information about the business lounge service, please contact.

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