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Handling ofáDisabled Passengers

The concept ofáservice foráimmobile passengers isáfully consistent with theárequirements setáoutáináEUáRegulation 1107/2006 ofá5áJuly 2006 onátheárights ofádisabled passengers andápassengers with reduced mobility.

Making a request inform about your personal needs

When purchasing a ticket, please, specify the nature of services you need in the airport and during the flight. If you did not make a request at the time of booking, please, contact the airline and the airport medical station at least 72 hours before departure.

You will have to specify:

  • the date andátheánumber ofátheáflight;
  • the name ofátheáairline company;
  • the nature ofáyour limitations (disability);
  • whether youátake your individual wheelchair with you, itsádimensions, ability toáfold andáifáitáhasáaábattery;
  • availability ofácrutches oráaáguide dog;
  • services youáneed (please, check theálist ofáavailable services with your airline).

Groups of Passengers

In accordance with Article 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations carriage of the following groups of passengers shall be agreed with the airline*:

  • a seriously illápassenger;
  • a patient onáaástretcher;
  • a passenger with aácomplete loss ofávision, with aáguide dog;
  • an unaccompanied passenger with aácomplete loss ofáhearing;
  • a passenger ináaáwheelchair

* A carrier has the right to refuse to transport a passenger, if the physical condition of the passenger threatens the safety of the flight or creates discomfort for other passengers. Please, apply to your airline company for more information.

Services at the Airport

Dear passengers, if you belong to the category of immobile passengers, you can contact the airport medical station located on the first floor of the domestic lounge. The medical station staff shall provide you with personal assistance:

  • going through check-in outáofáturn;
  • a wheelchair toágetáaround theáterminal building andáforáboarding;
  • escorting toátheáComfort Lounge when departing onáinternational flights andátoátheáBusiness Lounge when departing onádomestic flights;
  • delivery ináaádedicated transport toátheáaircraft;
  • accompanying toáboarding;
  • necessary medical assistance during your stay inátheáterminal building;
  • dedicated transport onáarrival forádelivery toátheáterminal.

Also for your convenience the airport offers:

  • specially equipped lavatories;
  • ramps;
  • designated parking spaces onátheáforecourt;
  • special elevator inátheáinternational sector ofátheáterminal.

Accompanying Person

The presence of an accompanying person is required if:

  • a passenger isáunable toáfollow theáinstructions ofátheácabin attendants himself;
  • a passenger needs help ináevacuation;
  • a passenger needs help inátaking food oráusing theátoilet;
  • a passenger with aácomplete loss ofáhearing andávision.

Hand Baggage

We recommend you to take with you on board the lightest possible hand baggage, so that you are comfortable to carry it yourself.

If you need to take medication during the flight, make sure it is in your hand baggage.

Travelling with an Individual wheelchair

If you are traveling with your own wheelchair, please notify the carrier about its size, weight and any special features.

For safety reasons, electric wheelchairs on batteries require special conditions of carriage, which shall be clarified with your airline carrier.

Their transportation should be agreed upon in advance with the medical station staff, passenger service department and aviation security service.

Guide Dogs

the conditions of guide dog carriage in the cabin shall be checked with the carrier;

at the time of check-in the documents confirming the official status of the dog shall be checked;

the transported animals are subject to restrictions on size and weight, according to the rules of the airline

Important Phone Numbers

Medical Station +7 (863) 276-78-03

Comfort Lounge in the international sector +7 (863) 252-19-52

Airport Information Service +7 (863) 254-88-01, 254-88-10

Passengers with Reduced Vision (Hearing)

If you need assistance at the airport, please contact the medical station staff.

All passengers with a complete loss of hearing and vision shall travel together with an accompanying person.

Check-in and Security Check

  • we will assist youáthrough check-in andásecurity check;
  • when departing onáinternational flights, weácanáoffer youáaccommodation inátheáComfort Lounge ofátheáinternational sector;
  • we will take youáináaádedicated transport aboard theáplane before theáarrival ofáallápassengers;
  • inform theámedical officer about theádegree ofáyour immobility foráusátoátake aádecision onátheámost comfortable wayáofátransporting youátoátheáaircraft;

for your convenience we will provide you with a wheelchair to use in the terminal.

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