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Rostov average airátraveler hasáaáhigher education, aáfamily, comes toátheáairport byácar, andádrinks coffee before departure

These conclusions areábased onátheáresults ofáaásociological research conducted atáRostov-on-Don Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Holding Company) atátheáendáofá2015. The poll wasácarried outáináorder toádraw aásocio-demographic portrait ofátheápassengers, toástudy theároute network, asáwell asátoáestimate theálevel ofásatisfaction with theáairport services andátoáidentify theáunmet requirements. Alláináall, more than 1300 passengers between theáages ofá18átoá65áparticipated inátheásurvey.

The typical portrait of a passenger according toátheápoll isátheáfollowing: on domestic flights ľ they areámenáandáwomen aged 25-44 with higher education, married, with noáminor children, holding theápositions ofámanagers, qualified specialists andácivil servants; more than half ofátheárespondents have average oráabove average income, theámajority ofáthem ownáaácar. Most domestic passengers flyáonáaverage 4-5átimes aáyear. More than aáthird ofáintra-Russian passengers (38%) travel forátheir job/on business trips, theásecond most frequent purpose (25%) -átourism/recreation, theáthird -ávisiting relatives/friends (22%). Theávast majority ofádomestic passengers (63%) goáonáaájourney alone andáonly 25%áofátheárespondents -áasáaáfamily.

The age profile of the international passengers is similar to the domestic travelers, but most passengers flying abroad (63%) are women. Ináaddition, passengers depart onáinternational flights less frequently, 2átimes aáyear onáaverage. However, about 3/4áofáalláflying abroad areáholiday makers. About 2/3áofátheápassengers travel asáaáfamily andáoneáthird -áalone.

Interesting conclusions were made regarding the means of transport, the passengers use to get to the airport. Although theáairport isálocated inátheáarea ofáhigh transport accessibility, only 14%áofátheápassengers come byápublic transport. Most respondents getátoátheáairport byácar: 38%ábyátaxi, another 36%áareábrought byátheir relatives, friends, colleagues, andá11%á-ábyátheir ownácar.

All in all, the respondents note satisfaction with theáquality ofáproducts andárange ofáservices atátheáairport. At theásame time, theámost popular service isácoffee vending machines andátheásecond isáluggage wrapping. Among theáservices theápassengers want toáfind atátheáairport, they often mentioned aácinema, children's play grounds, aábaggage porter, photocopying services andáiPad rental.

The most popular way of purchasing tickets for the flight is to buy a ticket on the Internet. 67%áofátheápassengers used airlinesĺ Webásites andáspecialized search engines toápurchase aáticket, ticket offices provided services toá21%.

In 2016 the survey will be repeated.


Theáconstruction ofáinfrastructure facilities ofánewáRostov-on-Don Airport isáahead ofáschedule

Today, onáApril 7, Governor ofáRostov Oblast Vasily Golubev andáChairman ofátheáBoard ofáDirectors ofáRenova Group Viktor Vekselberg appreciated theápace ofáconstruction works ofátheánewáairport complex ináRostov-on-Don (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Holding Company). Atátheáconstruction site theávisitors focused onáinspecting ofátheálargest building -átheánew passenger terminal. Pouring ofátheámonolithic frame ofátheábuilding inádifferent areas andáofátheáfloor slabs isábeing conducted atátheáground, first andásecond floor level, andátheároof onátheálongest part ofátheábuilding, theágallery, hasáalready been installed.

źWe understand that without the regional part, without external engineering systems and motorway access roads the airport complex cannot be put into operation. The project documentation of all engineering networks has obtained the expert review, the construction is funded, so we have no doubt that before the construction of the airport complex is completed, the external networks will be put into operation,╗ said Governor of Rostov Oblast Vasiliy Golubev. źIn particular, the construction of two roads connecting the airport with a section of M-4 Don motorway and the north by-pass road of the city of Rostov-on-Don will start this year and be completed at the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2017.╗

źToday we have inspected the construction site and noted that the schedule of the project for the construction of the airport complex is fully observed, and for some facilities it even goes 20 or more days ahead,╗ said Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renova Group Viktor Vekselberg. źAt the same time, we and the governor are at one in thinking that it is important now to focus not only on the construction of the airport itself, but also on the development of public amenities, retail, commercial, hotel infrastructure in the territory adjacent to the airport. In addition, we suggest, as early as this year, without waiting for the final stage of construction, the start of landscaping of the airport territory.╗

Airports of Region MCĺs General Director Evgeniy Chudnovskiy in his speech drew attention to the need for detailed consideration and beginning of implementation of the measures aimed at moving operations from the territory of the existing airport to the new one.

źCurrently, we strive together with the concerned federal authorities to work out and approve at the governmental level the necessary documents to conduct the procedure of closing the existing airport and starting of operation of the new one including its approval for international flights, the establishment of fees and the settlement of other legal issues,╗ noted Evgeniy Chudnovskiy. źIt is also important to foster the dialogue with airlines to discuss possible basing at the new airport and, consequently, the construction of the necessary infrastructure.╗

Furthermore, the construction works are in progress on all main premises of the new airport. To ensure the operation of the new airport, the erection of the complex of buildings designed to accommodate operational, engineering and administrative services of the airport is underway.

880 construction workers and more than 50 vehicles are involved in the erection of the passenger terminal and other infrastructure. In addition, at the present time, the design of the fuel farm is in progress and the documentation for the construction of the airportĺs VIP terminal is submitted for review to Glavgosexpertiza of Russia. In April 2016, a competition was announced for the selection of architects, who will develop a concept of the business lounges interior design in the passenger terminal building.

As a reminder: new Rostov-on-Don Airport will be located not far from Grushevskaya village in the Aksai District. The project envisages the construction of a paved runway 3600 meters in length, a passenger terminal with the area of 50 thousand square meteňs, its capacity will be 5 million passengers a year. The passenger terminal will be equipped with 9 boarding bridges.


Theádomestic passenger traffic atáRostov Airport continues toágrow

Rostov-on-Don International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Holding Company) inátheáfirst quarter ofá2016 saw anáincrease ofápassenger traffic onátheádomestic routes. Since theábeginning ofátheáyear theáairport handled 338,660 intra-Russian passengers, 5.6% percent more than ináJanuary-March period ofá2015. Theápassenger flow toátheáRussian capital -áMoscow keeps growing ľ flights toáMoscow serviced 285,011 passengers recording aá8.7% gain year-on-year.

The decline in demand for international travel affected the performance in the international sector. In the first quarter of 2016 the passenger traffic recorded 60,500 showing a 28.9% decrease compared to the same months last year. However, taking into account cancellation of flights to formerly popular Egyptian and Turkish resorts the flow of tourists to Thailand and India went up. The traffic to Thai Bangkok and Phuket rose 9 times and Indian Goa 2 times, and Prague retained its popularity (+1.6%). Growth is also observed on the flights to near abroad countries. In January-March of 2016 the number of passengers to Khujand doubled, and 15,071 travelers (+ 39.2%) preferred Yerevan.

The passenger flow at Rostov-on-Don Airport in the first three months of 2016 totaled 399,160 (-1.6%). Theánumber ofádepartures dropped byá4.8% toá2388 aircraft movements. Theávolume ofácargo andámail handled remained atátheálevel ofá2015 andáamounted toá1026 tons.


Rostov-on-Don Airport switches toátheáspring-and-summer timetable

áOn Sunday, March 27, Rostov-on-Don International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Holding Company) will switch toátheáspring-and-summer timetable, which will beáináforce until theáendáofáOctober 2016. 21áairlines will operate scheduled andácharter flights toámore than 30ácities ináRussia andáabroad from theáairport ofátheácapital ofátheáDon.

Moscow and St. Petersburg

Traditionally, flights will be operated to all airports of the Moscow aviation hub. Thus, Aeroflot will perform 6 daily flights to Sheremetyevo, while the earliest flight will go to the capital at 02.55 a.m. On route to Domodedovo passenger transportation will be carried out by as many as three airlines - S7, Ural Airlines and Red Wings, together providing up to 8 services per day to the country's largest airport. Three airlines - UTair, Pobeda and Rossiya will fly to Vnukovo and also perform 8 daily flights.

Passengers going to St. Petersburg can use 3 daily flights of two air companies - Rossiya and Ural Airlines.

Domestic Flights

The intra-Russian route network is represented in the summer timetable of Rostov Airport by 11 destinations: Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Mirny, Nizhnevartovsk. Novosibirsk, Norilsk, Samara, Sochi, Surgut, Tyumen and Simferopol. In particular, the Russian resorts, Sochi and Simferopol, will be serviced by three weekly and up to 3 daily flights, respectively.

Near Abroad

The geography of flights to the near abroad countries is represented by three cities - Yerevan (Armenia), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Khujand (Tajikistan). From March 28 two flights per week will be performed to each of these cities.

Far Abroad

In upcoming spring and summer months Rostovites will be offered an extensive program of scheduled and charter flights abroad. In particular, it is possible to fly on regular flights from Rostov-on-Don to Tel Aviv (Israel), Istanbul (Turkey), Thessaloniki and Corfu (Greece), Dubai (UAE) and Prague (Czech Republic).

The charter program is even more rich and diverse. Rostovites will be offered tours to Heraklion and Rhodes (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Burgas (Bulgaria), Larnaca (Cyprus) and Enfidha (Tunisia). Up to the end of April it is possible to relax in Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand) and in Goa (India).


Rostov-on-Don Airport updates theáfleet ofáitsáfirefighting equipment

The search andárescue service ofáRostov-on-Don International Airport (belongs toáAirports ofáRegions Holding Company) hasáreceived twoánewáairport fire trucks. Newávehicles areábased atátheárescue station located ináclose proximity toátheárunway andáonáalert 24áhours aáday, seven days aáweek.

Firefighting vehicles have a number of important differences from usual "urban" ones. They feature higher maneuverability and lifting capacity, carry a foaming agent and a water tank of increased capacity, have enhanced acceleration rate and are capable to release extinguishing agents while driving.

The new KamAZ-based fire trucks are equipped with modern means of extinguishing and special firefighting equipment for suppression fires on aircraft and carrying out rescue operations. An important design feature of the vehicle is a special unit ľ a bumper turret, which allows laying a foam strip up to 8 meters in width on the runway. Such measure can be used to minimize the damage of the aircraft structure and to reduce the probability of ignition of jet fuel in case of wheels-up landing.

In accordance with the existing regulations, Rostov-on-Don Airport is equipped for the requirements of the 7th category for firefighting, which implies that three firefighting and rescue teams are on alert around the clock and can get to any point of the runway within 3 minutes. The level of protection for rescue and firefighting of new Yuzhny Airport will meet the highest 9th category which involves five firefighting and rescue teams always on standby.

In addition, in order to practice actions of all services in the event of an emergency landing of an aircraft, Rostov Airport regularly holds rescue teams trainings.

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